We sell Custom Made Retractable Awnings, Aluminium Patio Covers, Side Windbreak Awnings, Aluminium Gazebo's and Retraceable Roof Pergola's to the Public at Trade Prices with FREE DELIVERY NATIONWIDE on orders €299 and over.

Retractable Roof Pergola's

Our Custom Made Retractable Roof Pergola systems are the perfect solution for Residential & Commercial Outdoor Living and Dining.

With the advantage of the roof being able to be opened or closed as required all year round.

We have 2 models available, with prices starting from € 6,995 inc vat and fitting:

Wall Model: Wall-mounted aluminium frame with aluminium front support legs with integrated gutter and water drainage through the legs.


Roof Model: Wall to wall mounted aluminium frame with no support legs.


The minimum width available on both models is 250 cm across the wall and a minimum projection of 250 cm.

The maximum width available on both models is 900 cm across the wall and a maximum projection of 700 cm.

Easily combine two or more modules to make a larger unit.

Our Wall model has 3 options:

1. A minimum width of 250cm up to 500 cm across the wall, and 250cm up to 700cm projection (1 module), on only 2 front support legs and 2 guide rails, this makes construction more efficient and saves space and is more open by having no middle leg.

2. A width of 550cm - 600 cm across the wall, and up to 700cm projection (2 modules), also on only 2 front support legs but with 3 guide rails, this is also more open by having no middle leg.

3. A width of up to 900 cm across the wall, and up to 700cm projection (2 modules), on 3 front support legs and 3 guide rails.

Electronic operation is by Somfy Electric Motor with Remote Control.

We have 4 roof fabric colours available,


Optional LED spot lighting is available in the cross support wind beams.


Available in one construction colour, DB-703 (structured anthracite grey), other colours available at a 20% surcharge, with a longer lead time.


Please note the following size requirements: 

A- height at the back (min 270cm from ground)

B- height at the front (min 210cm - max 230cm from ground)



The drive unit consists of an electric motor located inside a double-sided gear which transmits the torque to all gears simultaneously through steel pipes. The whole thing is discreetly hidden under a fixed hood and covered from the bottom with a fabric.


Rainwater runs down the fabric towards the gutter where it is collected and discharged to the posts. The gutter is a structural node that integrates the guides with the columns.





Contact Us by Email or WhatsApp with your dimensions in CM's and some photos of the area you want to fit the Pergola in, and where you are living, and we can give you a quotation.